AUTOMATIC Glue Delivery!

We are now able to automate the order and delivery of your favorite glues!

The Blackplague Subscription Glue Program is LIVE now!

Order your glues once and never worry about running out when you NEED it!

-No Contract, cancel any time you want

-YOU pick the quantity, YOU pick the interval of time, YOU relax and know you'll have glue when you need it.

-Change anything about your order at any time you like

-Chase hail a lot? No Problemo! You can log in and switch the shipping address to whatever you want, whenever you want!


Listen, if you're glue pulling a lot now, glue is something you are going to buy sooner or later. Why not enjoy the discount and time freedom of having your glue shipped to you automatically? It will be sitting on your porch ready for you right when you need it! Just like you planned.

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