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***Please include both Phone number and email address when placing the order for these***

It’s lighter, more powerful and has a display on the body of the unit.

If you want to preorder the CBH-200 now, you will be guaranteed a unit before hail starts falling in Spring! 

Demand is heavy for these and traditionally they haven’t been able to keep up with production, so if you’re thinking you want one, order it now.

To use it, first, you remove the back side coating of the panel you're working on, then apply the magnet to the outside of the panel (the painted side) and the grounding electrode to the back side. The magnets are powerful enough to hold the ground THROUGH the aluminum, creating a great connection. This unit includes 5 carbon rods with a copper coating and is 5 lbs lighter than the original version!


There is a handle on this unit although it is not pictured!


This unit finally brings Electro Shrinking tech in reach of EVERY PDR technician. This machine is used on extremely deep "stretched" dents , that are coming out, but start to "oil can" which means they lose their integrity before the repair is complete, and the dent flops from high to low with a slight push from either side.

This happens because the original impact stretched the metal, effectively creating too much metal to occupy the given space, which results in either too high or too low of an area.

This is where most techs give up!

BUT with the CBH-200 you can STILL GET IT FLAT!! You have to get access to the back of the dent, remove the E-Coat, affix the ground to the panel somewhere else, then start working the dent with the electrode. NOT using tool pressure, but using the power of the CBH, you can literally see the tool underneath the skin, just like a dent tool! Every little "push" shrinks it a little more and you continue working until the integrity starts to return to the panel.

It's EXTREMELY useful on beat hail, because you can SAVE panels that are due to be replaced.


The unit’s dimensions are 06X06X10 inches




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