Dead Center Gang Green Crease Tabs! All Straight sizes (All packs of 5)


Size: 15mm
Sale price$ 19.95


Blackplague has brought it's battle tested Gang Green material to the Dead Center tab technology to create the most durable, precise crease killers you can buy!

These tabs pull an exceptionally TIGHT line! They can be used as a final step to finesse a repair OR they can be used to invert the center of a small or highly defined crease. Don't let the skinny look fool you; These things RIP!

The combination of the Smooth Face tab, with the engineered flex of the Dead Center technology built in the Gang Green material has shown us what is truly possible with precision glue pulling.

Check the drop down menu for different sizes. If you are looking for the CURVED crease tabs, they are HERE

If you are looking for Dead Center Crease Tab variety packs, they are HERE

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