Color: GREEN Glue
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Hail Techs, If you are holding a 3" glue tab something went terribly wrong! You specialize in hail dents, LOTS of 'em. NOT huge creases and smashes, that's why we put this set together for YOU!

It includes all the round tabs you'd use at a storm, and none of the giant ones you wouldn't. 

We've put it all together in a nice little case so that your new smooth tabs won't have to mingle with your old inferior tabs. 

We ALSO include a pack of glue (your choice on color) and to top it all of , we discount the entire package for you! win/win


Set Includes:

10 BP9MM

10 BP12MM

10 BP15MM

10 BP20MM

10 BP25MM

10 BP30MM

10 CT26MM

10 CT32MM


10 Glue sticks

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