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If you look closely at the unique LAKA square tab contour you'll notice that they are a bit different: Two corners diagonally from each other are different than the other two. When you look at them in one angle, they appear rounded, and from the other side, they look flat.

It seems strange, but if you think about a normal door edge dent, there is a shallow side where the dent gradually starts and a steep abrupt side usually at the top and bottom. Before you apply glue to this tab, place it in the dent. Then rotate the tab 90 degrees and place it back into the dent. You'll notice that it "fits" the dent much better one way more than the other. The way it fits is the proper way to glue the tab, and BOY does it work!

It's a very unique German style of engineering and we are excited to bring it to the US market!  


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