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These tabs are amazingly good. They also have many sizes that we do not make in the Blackplague line up. When we poll technicians around the world the two types of tabs everyone says you MUST have are Blackplague and LAKA!

This is a GREAT way to get every popular LAKA size without having to buy too many tabs.

Limited supply as these are a special run exclusively for us.


Here's what's in the bag:

  • Green 80x29mm
  • Green 80x45mm
  • Blue 64x40mm
  • Blue 65x26mm
  • Red 50x23mm
  • Red 50x30mm
  • Red 40mm
  • Red 32mm
  • Red 27mm
  • Red 22mm
  • Red 18mm
  • Red 16mm
  • Red 13mm
  • Red 10mm
  • Red 21x21mm
  • Red 32x16mm
  • Red 19x40mm
  • Yellow 50x23mm
  • Yellow 50x30mm
  • Yellow 32mm
  • Yellow 27mm
  • Yellow 22mm,
  • Yellow 16mm
  • Yellow 13mm
  • Yellow 32x16mm
  • Yellow 20x10mm
  • Yellow 27x27mm
  • Yellow 21x21mm
  • Yellow 15x15mm
  • Yellow 12x12mm
  • Yellow 30x30x30mm
  • Yellow 23x23x23mm
  • Black 21x21mm

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