Smooth Tabs Gang Green Edition Medium Crease tab GCT32mm (10 pack)

  • $ 27.50

The Smooth Series Tabs just got even BETTER!! These Gang Green tabs are stronger in every way and have exceptional adhesion to give INCREDIBLE pulls in every circumstance.

Our new high visibility green color will help you find your lost tabs when the go flying out of your Lifter or slide hammer too!

Gang Green and tabweld glue were used to WIN the Intl Dent Olympics Glue Pulling competition for 2016 and they will help you up your game in less time and make more money too.


This is one step up from the smallest crease style tab in the Gang Green series. The GCT32mm. It is a must have for ALL techs; hail, retail, wholesale and otherwise.

The top of this tab says: CT32 (ct 32)

See it in use!

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