The Ultimate PDR Sanding & Polishing Kit ***SAVE $20 by choosing this kit!***


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  • Tolecut is BETTER than old school wet sanding!
  • With tolecut, you use it DRY, no water or other messy liquids. You Stick the adhesive backed paper to the block and cut your area FLAT, then quickly buff it with a pad and some polish. Polishes FAST AND you only cut (sand) the area you need to, NOT a giant 6" circle!!
  • We've packaged our top products for sanding and polishing a stubborn repair to PERFECTION! Then DISCOUNTED THEM ALL!


    In this kit you get:

    -Tolecut Green, Pink, Black and a rubber sanding block

    -3" Polishing pad set with Wool, Yellow foam, Black foam and a velcro backing plate

    -8oz 3M Rubbing compund (first step polish)

    -8oz 3M Finishing polish (second step for swirls etc)

    -5Pack Micro Fiber Towels


    Everything you need to sand and polish (Except the drill! You supply that!)


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