We have a unique opening for the next Superstar Admin here at Blackplague PDR! We are a niche company that serves technicians all over the globe who perform the art of Paintless Dent Repair. (This is the process of taking dents out of vehicles without needing to repaint them.) We are the founders of unique technology in this space. 

As the Superstar Admin you will work directly with the founder of the company and be in charge of task management and implementation of new digital initiatives. You will own the email in/out box, monitoring inventory levels and reordering, adding and editing new items to our e-commerce platforms, creating and sending wholesale invoices, and a handful of other small tasks. 

If you're talented with Canva or similar programs to create / edit / post images for our e-commerce and social accounts, we can increase the compensation.

We are a small and growing company. As such we are continually evolving and trying new things. If you like things to stay the same forever, this will not be a great place for you. However, If you enjoy learning and growing and being part of the evolutionary process you will thrive in this position. Your voice will be heard and you will have a direct impact on the operations and strategies of the brand.

A word from the founder, Keith: 

Here's the best part about this gig; As long as the outcome is what we agree upon,  you are free to do this work from anywhere and at any time that works for you. With the exception of a few regularly scheduled meetings or deadlines, and a daily email inbox check-in,  most everything can be done at any point during the day or night.


Also, if you're extremely efficient and can produce what we agree is necessary, the number of hours is irrelevant to me. I enjoy working with high caliber people. The current superstar is working about 10 hours per week and getting everything done. If you can get these tasks done in 5 hours a week I think that's amazing! Conversely, I expect you to keep your word and do the things you say you will do, even if they are hard or are taking longer than you thought they would.

If this seems like the right fit for you, Complete this Google Form and submit your application! We'll be in touch. 


Customer Service

  • Check Email Daily 
  • Respond to customer issues
  • Forward technical questions to Keith
  • Respond to customer voicemails when necessary
  • Compile the bimonthly sales report (pull reports from Shopify and PayPal, and request numbers from Amazon)
  • Keep track of trade in the Google Sheet
  • Track all invoices to/from KECO & Anson in google sheet
  • Submit payments over the phone
  • Invoice Wholesale Orders
  • Create estimates when needed
  • Approve payments in Paypal when necessary
  • Request Royalty Report Monthly
  • Maintain & Manage Shopify Website & Listings for BlackplaguePDR.com and LakaToolsUSA.com
  • Help launch AutoBodyGluePull.com
  • Add new products & move from draft to active when items are in stock
  • Check for functionality Weekly
  • Create discount codes for customers when applicable
  • Check for unfulfilled orders in Shopify Daily
  • Create images for Shopify Listings when necessary
    Inventory Management
    • Add new products
    • Run inventory reports on low stock items weekly & order accordingly
    • Update & Maintain products as needed
    • Check on product sales performance and set annual reminders 
    • Weekly meetings with the owner
      • Enter incoming wholesale orders & track until shipped & invoiced
      • Take wholesale orders over the phone on occasion
        • Manage relationship with the fulfillment warehouse
        • Format UPC codes for the fulfillment warehouse
          • Post images on social media 3x weekly max
          • Share links to new products with outsourced marketing company

            Skills & Qualifications:

            • 2 years in an administrative role
            • 2 years of project management
            • Problem finder & solver
            • Ability to adapt to a changing environment and handle multiple priorities
            • Conversational email tone
            • Highly organized
            • Comfortable holding people accountable
            • Consider yourself an integrator  
            • Fluent in conversational English

            Pay Range:

            $1200 - $1500 monthly, with an average of 40 hours per month. 


            Job Type:

            Contract & Completely Virtual


            Application Process:

            If this seems like the right fit for you, Complete this Google Form and submit your application! We'll be in touch.