We created the Blackplague Crease Tabs because as seasoned techs, we found ourselves doing larger and larger dent repairs with glue. A ton of those large repairs have a crease element to them! Just like you, we were tackling the creases by butting together some of the best tabs the industry has to offer to try and span 2"-6" gaps! (IT DOESN'T WORK!)

More about the problem: After you pull four old school crease tabs all lined-up, you're left sea sick from this "high-low-high-low" pattern. Then you readjust and pull all those lows. Problem is, not every tabs pulls the same AND your likelihood of missing the center with your tab placement goes up by 8x! It's a bad system.

Enter Blackplague PDR!

We set out to create a tab series that would be long enough yet rigid enough to tackle creases with the fewest number of pulls and re-pulls. After a year of research and testing...

WE DID IT!! Success!!

Now Dents that used to be a two, three or four tab job can be done with ONE pull !!
Once this problem was solved, the way we tackled creases with glue changed dramatically. We know it will change for you too! You cannot have too many different tab brands and sizes in your tool box. Having this tab design in YOUR box will do exactly what you want it to do: make you more money faster, every time you reach for it!