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This light holds itself to the car! Seriously! You just turn it on, hold it to the car, and it sucks down automatically. Genius. BUT the magic happens when the cup starts leaking a little (they all do after a while or when the car is dirty and you forget to clean it); When the light starts leaking the computer kicks in and pulls more vacuum. Meaning this light will hang there as long as the battery is charged! SO COOL! Plus it extends the life of the light itself by never falling down.

Nerdy details below:
14" 6 Strip Adjustable Fade Auto Cup (Makita) Ver-3

PWM Dimmer Included
Battery Powered Suction Cup
Elim A Dents Spinal-Cord
Lens height track system for maximum fade adjustability
Locking door for quickly swapping lenses on the fly
LED Battery level indicator
Rubber over mold protective corners
"Patents 9109769, 9212793"

This board is powered by Makita 18v lithium ion batteries or off-brand replacements. The board can be rotated and twisted 360 degrees. Comes with 6 L.E.D. strips, 3 warm white 3 cool white. 6 independent switches for each individual LED strip.

Batteries charge in 15-40 min and last for 4 to 10+ hours depending on how many strips you power and what size battery your using.

New Spinal-Cord Setup:

Elim A Dents Patented Spinal Cord setup has a bolt and nut inside a plastic housing that allows you to set the tension of each link. Ounce Spinal Cord fittings are connected they cannot pop apart without loosening the tension screws. If you prefer that loose broke in feel loosen the screws if you like to keep that tight like new feeling tighten the screws. If you would like to have part of the links loose so you can maneuver and spin the board freely but have another section tight to support the board’s weight well you can do that also.

  • 18v powered by Makita lithium ion batteries or off-brand replacements.
  • Allows you to use existing Makita chargers and batteries to eliminate carrying multiple different batteries and chargers.
  • Easy battery release for swapping out dead batteries
  • Completely cordless no exposed wires.
  • Versatile 360 degrees of movement with no worries of cord tangles.
  • Quick disconnects to easily replace wearable parts like spinal cord assembly.
  • 6 18v strips with a warm/cool color combination.
  • 6 independent switches on LED tray housing so to allow for various led strip combinations.
  • Matched acrylic faceplate for the perfect fade. Acrylic is secured into place so it won’t slide or fall out.
  • Built-in battery powered suction cup that constantly monitors vacuum to ensure your board remains secured to the working surface.
  • Low profile dimmer built into the base to control the brightness of L.E.D.
  • LED Battery level indicator.
  • Rubber over mold protective corners.

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