Choose Your Glue Gun Option Below: Cordless Glue Gun
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This is the ABSOLUTE best value starter kit you could ask for when glue pulling!

 You will get the most versatile reflection option in the Green and Black board with articulating arm and suction cup.

PLENTY of tabs to tackle almost every type of regular dent a car or truck could get. The BP Smooth Series Variety pack has everything from teeny tiny 9mm tabs to 70mm long crease tabs! (24 tabs in that set)

The Ice Square Tab Variety pack is one of our STRONGEST puling tab sets you can buy as well and you get a pack of 12 of those.

The steel core interchangable tip tap down with THREE different tip combinations.  Standard 5/16 thread

The perfectly balanced plastic knock down hammer will knock down without the worry of a missed strike causing damage to the paint on your repair.

The professional grade light weight slide hammer is made to very high standards and will make sure you get great pulls without throwing your shoulder out!

Your choice of glue gun as well: Cordless (You need to supply your own battery and charger, see link to learn about compatibility), 110v corded gun OR a 12v corded gun to grab power off of the vehicle you're working on!

Lastly, a bag of Premium Tabweld glue to bring it all together, This kit is PROFESSIONAL GRADE. These tools are made to be used EVERY DAY to make a living at PDR.

These are NOT DIY grade tools!!



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