Tolecut Round Kit w/ Sanding Block: 24 sanding discs, 6 interference discs and 1 cylindrical blok


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  • Tolecut is BETTER than old school wet sanding!
  • With tolecut, you use it DRY, no water or other messy liquids. You Stick the adhesive backed paper to the block and cut your area FLAT, then quickly buff it with a pad and some polish. Polishes FAST AND you only cut (sand) the area you need to, NOT a giant 6" circle!!

  • This is the basic Tolecut kit for doing hail! Get it BEFORE you need it.
  • Check it out below!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Durable film backing, flexible bonding and the highest quality abrasives result in the perfect top-coat finishing solution that cuts fast and uniform, while leaving behind extremely shallow scratches
  • TOUCH UP SANDING: Nibs, runs, sags, and other imperfections can be eliminated quickly and effectively without worry of oversanding
  • TOTAL DRY: State-of-the-art Dry Anti-Clogging technology prevents loading and deep scratches while enabling constant progress monitoring for delicate jobs
  • MADE IN JAPAN: Manufactured by Kovax, leaders in coated abrasive technology for over 90 years in the automotive, metalworking, and woodworking industries
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