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This is the MASTER KIT for outfitting a tech for PDR Glue pulling. It's a FANTASTIC kit to get you or your technician/trainee immediately up to the front line of glue pulling with the best quality professional tools that are built to work day in and day out.

Here's what you'll be getting:

Light Source: Elimadent 14" LED built for Makita batteries

Pulling: Keco K-Bar for large leverage pulls, Keco Robo lifter for smaler hand pulls, Keco Slide Hammer for everything in between! The BEST pulling options available all together!

Tabs: Gang Green variety pack (32 tabs), Keco Super Tabs in Ice (6) and Original Blue (6), Gang Green Dead Center Mega Hail kit (30), Dead Center Crease Kit (22), Black Ice Variety Pack (16), Dead Center Ice Hail Kit (20), and Atlas Titan variety pack.(6)

138 of the industry's BEST Glue Tabs!

Tap Downs/ Hammers: The Shane Jacks Jackhammer w tips, The VIP interchangeable tip knock down tool, VIP Precision steel tip, H16p polished Dentcraft tip, and a large plastic ball tip (all tips have 5/16 TPI).

Glue Gun: Comes with the Trifecta cordless glue gun, which takes Ryobi batteries (not included). This gun also accepts adapters to fun DeWalt or Makita, Or Milwaukee batteries.

OR The Tec305 corded 110v (wall plug) glue gun

OR the Tec305 corded 12v (car cigarette plug) glue gun

Glue: One bag of Tequila Tools collision glue, One bag of Cactus Green Glue

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