K Beam Bridge Puller/Lifter For Advanced PDR Repair Strategy


Sale price$ 499.95


K-Beam Bridge Lifter – with Adapters – Paintless Dent Repair

Part Number: 410-8345

K-Beam Bridge Lifter -with Adapters- Large Body Repair

The K-Beam Bridge Lifter is the newest addition to the body repair line of KECO PDR products. This system provides the Technician with the controlled power & leverage necessary to pull large dents from panels, doors, seams, & body lines on the car. The K-Beam Bridge maintains pulling pressure allowing tech’s a hands-free opportunity to view the dent at various angles and slap down crowns accordingly. Combined with four different adapters, the technician now has the means, and the power, to pull most any dent quickly and correctly.

Comes with K-Beam Bridge and 4 Adapters.

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