Keco Blackplague Ultimate Shop Kit

  • $ 1,204.00
  • Save $ 100.00

This kit is crazy! It has basically everything you need to tackle every kind of dent! If you are outfitting a body shop for PDR, this is the kit to choose.
We start with the pulling tools. You get:
-->The Keco K-Bar system is the best slow/power hand puller on the market. It's what you'll use on a caved panel or similar complex or large damaged areas.
-->The High End PDR Slide hammer. This is the proper tool to pull when the damage isn't that complex or when you want to shock the metal
-->The German Mini Lifter. This is the workhorse of the mini lifters that we sell. It is perfect for a body shop setting. There are fancier lifters that we carry, but this one is the King in bang for your bucks equations.
Then we get into the tabs. You get:
-->Gang Green Variety Pack (32pcs) This has 16 different sized tabs for tackling just about any dent under 5" Amazing tabs that rarely, if ever, break down.
-->Black Ice Vartiety Pack (16pcs) Same designs as the gang green, but a stiff, rigid material for stubborn dents or for working aluminum
-->Blackplague Crease Tab set 2.0 For doing crease work and panel reconstruction, these are the most rigid tabs to use for collision work. Can be pulled with all methods
-->Keco Super Tabs. These tabs are HUGE and will move metal in a very large area, and reduce the chance of pulling a high spot in one area but rather spreading the load out over the panel.
-->Keco Articulating Viper Tab set. This is a bendable centipede style that we especially like for organic creases. (tree/shrub damage, animals, etc)
-->Keco Centipede tabs. These are the top choice especially for damaged rocker panels. EXTREMELY strong adhesion and pulling power.
Lighting and knockdown tools. You get:
The Elimadent 14" LED light (NOTE: You MUST supply your own makita battery and charger to power this light! IT DOES NOT COME WITH A BATTERY OR CHARGER) The makita drill with battery and charger can be had at Home Depot for about $100
This is the best light you can get for the price and will show you everything that's going on with the damage and allow you to choose the correct repair strategy.
Knockdown Tools. You get:
Steel Core Knockdown set. The weight you need in the core of the tool, and protective handle outside to prevent any damage to the paint on the panel you're repairing. Includes a plastic and a steel interchangeable tip.
Shane Jacks Blending Hammer
This is the most popular blending hammer on the market to handle crown work or advanced blending techniques.
Glue and Glue Gun:
The Tec305 is the absolute BEST 120v plug-in glue gun on the market.
It works with all standard glue sticks on the market.
TabWeld Glue! Two bags of TabWeld glue, the standard for glue pulling and used by more PDR techs than any other glue.

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