Adapter for Glue Gun: Dewalt
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QUICK and Effective! This kit has some of our strongest glue tabs, paired with our Solvent Free glue. This stuff works fast and cleans up super easy. Then we added some of the best tap down tools we carry: The leather heads, the VIP Battleship tips, the DC sharp peek tip and the steel core knock down set made here in the USA!  Tips are standard 5/16 thread.

For light we have the Elimadent Makita light, to pull we have the mini slide hammer, the Keco ROBO lifter, and for glue the Trifecta Trigger glue gun (accepts a Ryobi 18 Volt ONE battery by default, kit includes the adapter for Dewalt or Milwaukee) shooting Brazilian solvent free glue.

Tabs? You're DIALED with this set: Ice and Green Square tabs (12) Gang Green Oval variety pack (12) and the instant classic, the Gang Green Variety Pack (32)


This set is ALL THERE! Get it today and start glue pulling the RIGHT way!

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